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FMT_cook_hip_lift.gif FMT™ Tubing

Functional Movement Training is used to restore functional stability and enhance motor learning.

Easily attach to doorframe. Each product comes with ergonomic grip handles allowing ease of use.

The FMT™ tubing can be comfortably wrapped around the trunk and/or waist to resist or accelerate any functional movement.

· FMT R3 - Pink
· FMT R5 - Orange
· FMT R6 - Red
· FMT R7 -Yellow
mini_band_winshield_washers.gif Mini Bands
These 2'' wide by 9'' wide bands stretch up to 2 times their length. Use anywhere - at course, at home, in gym or even when traveling. Ideal tool for stability training of upper and lower body. Add a postural endurance component to any exercise.
· Mini Yellow - Light
· Mini Green - Medium
· Mini Blue - Heavy
· Mini Black - Extra Heavy