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Golf Charts

The golf chart series is ideal for fitness centers, rehab clinics, locker rooms as well as the driving range. Features laminated finish offering an attractive, colorful and informative learning tool.  

Two posters available include Stretch Golf and Muscle Golf

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Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method Books, Videoas & Accessories
Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method

Clinical text demonstrating all the Active Isolated Stretching Techniques including self-stretching and assisted techniques.  

Written by Aaron Mattes

Price: $35.00
Specific Stretching for Everyone

Patient oriented text that demonstrates all self-stretching methods.

Excellent resource for those looking to apply the methods to themselves. 

Price: $20.00
Active Isolated Strengthening: The Mattes Method

Once an athlete obtains full range-of-motion with the Active Isolated Stretching Method they now need to look at stability and strength of the joints through this full range.

The techniques and protocols outlined in this manual when specifically appplied to the body will create a complete performance program. 

Written by Aaron Mattes

Price: $28.00
Upper Body Chart

Laminated poster featuring the cervical and upper extremity AIS sequence. 

Price: $28.00
Lower Body Chart

Laminated poster featuring lumbar, pelvic and lower extremity AIS sequence. 

Price: $28.00