Products to help you maintain your golf posture


Teaching and Training Mirror (2' x 4')

Use of a mirror during training will enhance visual feeback. With the exceptional quality of this product line each user can maximize the golf-specific aspect of their current conditioning program. By receiving feedback, the golf athlete can reinforce proper posture and positioning.

This mirror is a PVC plastic acrylic mirror that is virtually shatterproof. It is lightweight, folds flat and can be used both in/outdoors.

Price: $249.95
Spikey Ball
Spikey Ball Therapy is a unique series of products and educational tools developed by world leading physiotherapist Ramsey McMaster. Daily use of the spikey balls can help to improve your golf posture and therefore consistency with your game!
Price: $19.95
Stress Roller™

Two taped together tennis balls have been the standard for self mobilization of the mid-back or thoracic spine.

The StressRoller™ was developed to give people an inexpensive option that is simple, safe and effective.

Price: $19.95
T-spine Roller System

The ulitmate tool to target one of the most important areas in golf, the thoracic spine. Your thoracic spine or mid-back needs mobility in the game of golf. This mobility will help allow the golfer to maintain posture during your golf swing therefore helping with performance and consistency.

Price: $32.95
Mini Bands
These 2'' wide by 9'' wide bands stretch up to 2 times their length. Use anywhere - at course, at home, in gym or even when traveling. Ideal tool for stability training of upper and lower body. Add a postural endurance component to any exercise.

Train your body fast and effectively, no matter where you are. The VALSLIDE   goes where you go, in your purse, briefcase or golf bag. Whether you workout at the gym, the office, the golf course, while traveling or at home you can maintain your exercise regime.

Price: $34.95