Vibracussor Package

Percussion is a treatment for those who suffer from various musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain issues.  This unique, non-invasive therapeutic instrument is a great way for the clinician to increase effectiveness while lessening personal wear-n-tear! 

Price: $1,246.00
Gua Sha
Manual: Clinical Application for Chronic Tissue Pain and Dysfunction

This 100 page treatment guide immediately improves the effectiveness of clinical treatment including many common soft tissue injuries via the application of Gua Sha.  

This manual is printed conveniently on 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" pages making it convenient and portable.

Price: $27.95
Gua Sha Orthopedic - 2 Tool Set

The perfect starter kit for any clinician looking to add Gua Sha to there practice.

Includes two professional quality instruments; the Gua Sha Orthopedic Soft Tissue Tool - 1 and the Gua Sha Orthopedic Soft Tissue Tool - 2 and a microfiber carrying pouch.   

Price: $54.95
Gua Sha Orthopedic - GOST 3

The newest addition to the Gua Sha Orthopedic product line.  The GOST - 3 is perfect for large body contours of the lower extremity and back.  Features include a rounded edge for deep tissue work and a textured surface to improve grasp. 

Price: $39.95
Free-Up Family Close Up.jpg
Free-up - Professional Massage Cream
Free-Up Professional Unscented massage cream is specifically formulated for professionals and provides ideal lubrication without being slippery. The massage lotion has a superb, soft-tissue medium that works best for surface or deep-tissue massages. Free up professional massage lotion provides excellent lubricity and will not ball up or dry out on skin. This unscented massage lotion is a safe, quality formula and does not contain beeswax. It is also bacteriostatic. Unscented.