Gain Strength and Distance in your Golf Swing


FMT™ Tubing

Functional Movement Training is used to restore functional stability and enhance motor sequencing during the golf swing.

Easily attach to doorframe. Each product comes with ergonomic grip handles allowing ease of use. The FMT™ tubing can be comfortably wrapped around the trunk and/or waist to resist or accelerate any functional movement.

Power Swing Fan
Develop a more powerful pivot while facilitating the proper weight shift while swinging against pneumatic or air resistance. The Power Swing Fan is a great golf-specific strength training tool!
Power Bandz.tif
Power Bandz
GolfGym PowerBandz The GolfGym PowerBandz are designed for golfers looking to develop greater rotation, strength, flexibility and balance through golf specific movement patterns and exercises. Use in-season and off-season. The PowerBandz consist of a set of two (2) four-foot bands with individual handles and includes a combination door and loop attachment. It can be secured in a door jam, on a golf cart, weight machine or fence pole for a warm up or total workout wherever you choose. Features: Available in two resistance levels Yellow webbing/medium resistance recommended for the average golfer who may or may not do any resistance training Red webbing/heavy resistance recommended for the golfer who does weight training regularly and considers him or herself very strong
TRX Fitness Anywhere
TRX for Golf The entire line of TRX Systems represent a breakthrough in golf conditioning. The patented design of the TRX takes bodyweight training to a new level by enabling unlimited degrees of resistance and a growing library of hundreds of exercises.
TRX Rip Trainer
The TRX™ Rip Trainer employs an innovative resistance cord system to create a variable, unbalanced load that enables you to develop core strength, explosive power, flexibility and endurance. The TRX™ Rip Trainer is easily portable and can be used by virtually anyone anywhere by attaching it to any secure anchor point.
Price: $189.95