Stabilize Your Body to Prevent Injury and Improve your Golf swing.


Thera-Band™ Stability Trainer
Improve postural stability, proprioception and agility. Use this unsteady surface to challenge balance while practicing the golf swing motion.
AEROMAT - Balance Pods - Set of 2
The versatile BALANCE STEPS are excellent for extremity balance and stabilization training. They are made of soft and durable vinyl (6.5 inch diameter) that you can fill with air or water to create an unstable surface.
Price: $19.95
ProStance Trainer

The ProStance balance trainer develops improved balance throughout the entire swing. It also promotes a more athletic stance and ideal posture by quickly detecting balance and weight distribution issues for any type of shot.


Tour-proven full-swing balance trainer for greater ball-striking consistency, accuracy and power as well as effective short game and putting practice

Air- inflation can be adjusted for wide range of practice drills

Tunes posture and setup to achieve proper balance throughout golf swing

Ensures weight is centered through the arches of the feet at address

Works for every aspect of the game—full shots, pitching, chipping, and putting

Fits in golf bag for use at home, on the range and practice putting green, and during practice rounds on the course

Price: $79.95