Helping your swings position and alignment


The Impact Ball

In addition to being a top training aid for golf, this product is diverse and can be used a positional reminder and aid with golf-specific exercise.  The Impact Ball helps keep the upper body connected during any golf drill or exercise while in the gym it can be used to squeeze between the knees activating the muscles throughout the hips and torso.

Dual Surface Premium Mat

Offering the highest quality fitness mats available on the market today. The choice of strength and conditioning professionals who travel with PGA TOUR® professionals. Lightweight and easy to roll. Great for any floor exercise!

Recoil 360
The Recoil 360 allows you to maximize motions that are specific to your sport with resistance and assistance training. The unique flexi-cord stretches against your movement to build strength, or pulls you along to increase speed and improve your body's efficiency during direction changes. RECOIL 360° FEATURES Train all sport movements, switching between resistance and assistance Build strength and conditioning for sprinting, leaping, shuffling and change of direction Work with a partner or attach the leash to a stationary object 8-foot flexi- cord safely stretches up to 20 feet 360° rotation belt with free motion ring allows for movement in any direction; adjustable for most sizes Includes belt, flexi-cord attachment leash, safety handle, storage bag
Price: $39.95
Golf Core Grip
The Core Grip Workout and Fitness System develops key muscle groups for improved overall fitness, core strength and stability. By improving your fitness level and specifically targeting your core with the Core Grip Workout System, you will build a solid foundation for dramatic improvement in your game. Increased speed and power will bring greater distance. Proper kinematic sequencing and coordination of the body in each exercise will lead to optimal control of your drives.
Right Handed Golf Core Grip
RIGHT HANDED Golf Core Grip The Golf Core Grip Workout System consists of: 1 Ergonomic Core Grip 1 Light Tension Band 1 Medium Tension Band Wall Chart of Core 12 Exercises 1 Mesh Travel Bag Downloadable app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad for ongoing instruction.
Price: $99.95
Left Handed Golf Core Grip
Left Handed Golf Core Grip - This Left Handed Core Grip is Blue and comes with a light yellow band only. There is a limited quantity of this left handed model available. Please note that this Left Handed version only comes with the Left Handed Molded Grip and a Light (Yellow) Band.
Price: $29.95