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Golf Speed Chain


'This product is unique, but very effective.'' - Scott Smith-World record holder of longest drive in competition, 539 yards.

There is one fundamental problem in golf...YOUR HANDS AND CLUBHEAD MUST MOVE VERY FAST IN ORDER TO SYNCHRONIZE A GOLF SWING! Unfortunately most types of training for golf DO NOT address this fundamental problem.

The golf fitness field is very diverse. Golf fitness programs range from weight training, to balance/proprioceptive, to flexibility/yoga, to medicine ball/plyometric, and rehabilitation. Each of these programs tries to develop golf strength, flexibility, prevent injury and develop clubhead speed.

But do these golf fitness programs deliver what they promise?

Contrast these typical programs with the concepts developed by Vitesse Sports Technologies. Designed to be the only golf fitness program that can deliver strength and speed at the same time! Each exercise challenges your neuromuscular system to perform at a higher speed while producing the greatest amount of force that your golf swing can handle. If you want to be stronger, faster, and injury proof and you don't have time to waste, try the SpeedChain.

The ultimate training tool to build Speed, Strength and Power. Use the weight of the chain to learn and develop proper energy transfer in your swing. TRAIN with the CHAIN Today!

Other Benefits Besides Speed and Power:

- Encourages one to drop in the slot

-  Discourages an over the top swing plane (path)

-  Synchronizes the body and arms

-  Prevents wrist breakdown at impact Improves balance

-  Tones muscles Ingrains proper muscle memory

-  Builds strength and assists in injury prevention

-  Improves rhythm in the golf swing

Available in 3 Models:

Strong (CHS under 90 mph)

Reference #B9F14-005A

X Strong (CHS 95 - 105)

Reference #B9F14-005B

XX Strong (CHS 110 mph and over)

Reference #B9F14-005C