AEROMAT - Balance Pods - Set of 2



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AEROMAT - Balance Pods - Set of 2


The versatile BALANCE STEPS are excellent for extremity balance and stabilization training. They are made of soft and durable vinyl (6.5 inch diameter) that you can fill with air or water to create an unstable surface.

Used for double and single leg proprioceptive exercises. Great for rehab, ankle strengthening and/or high level sports performance. Turn flat side down for moderate challenge. Use pebble side down for highest challenge level.

Diverse functional training and golf-specific applications!

Included In this Package:

(1) Pair of Balance Pods

(1) Balance Pod Training Sheet


-  Each pod is 3'' H and 6'' W in a half-round design.

-  6.5 inch diameter

-  Start by using the flat side down, then progress to rounded side down.

-  Ideal for use in clinic, gym or on the course or practice range

-  Use 2 units in your golf stance to facilitate ideal golf posture and properly program swing mechanics

Reference #B9F15-008

Price: $19.95