The Impact Ball



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The Impact Ball


Most Training Aids try to fix one fault. The IMPACT BALL provides a feeling to INCREASE DISTANCE, SQUARE THE CLUB FACE and HIT IT PURE EVERYTIME.

No other training aid compares...In addition to being a top training aid for golf, this product is diverse and can be used a positional reminder and aid with golf-specific exercise.


"I've been amazed at how quickly using the Impact Ball has helped my students achieve more consistent results. This is the best aid I've used to date to teach students how to correctly use their chest, arms, and body without being restricted."  - Suzy Whaley, PGA Professional

Golf-Specific Uses:

-  Keep the upper body connected during any golf drill or exercise

-  Squeeze between the knees during quad setting exercises

-  Squeeze between the knees while supine bridging

-  Squeeze between the knee during sidelying and seated hip external rotator strengthening

-  Helps keep upper body/torso still during isolated pelvic rotation in golf stance

Sizes Available:

Junior (5'')

Reference #B9F15-004A

Ladies (7'' Green & Blue)

Reference #B9F16-004B

Men's (8'' Blue & Yellow)

Reference #B9F16-004C