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Orange Whip Trainer


The Orange Whip is the ideal golf swing trainer and the perfect fitness tool for golfers. Simple and efficient, the Orange Whip was developed to be the most dynamic and practical golf swing aid on the market. It will improve your golf swing and provide a core-muscle workout focused on the golf-specific muscles.

Each end of the Orange Whip has a unique weighting system that works together with the flexible shaft to improve your golf swing and physical fitness. The Orange Whip conditions the user to maintain balance and swing in an athletic motion that creates greater power, accuracy and consistency.

Products Available:

Large Size - ''The Original'' Trainer

Designed for men and taller women.  Simulates driver motion.  Recommended for core fitness and flexibility training.  The ideal whip for balance and tempo enhancement.


-  47.5 inches in total length

-  Approximately 45" actual swing length (Men's driver)

Reference #B9F16-006A

Medium Size - Golden Trainer

Designed for individuals under 5'6" tall or beginners.  recommended for men, women, juniors and seniors.  Simulates mid-iron motion and ladies driver motion.  This model is more manageable to swing because it is shorter than the "Full sized" Trainer.  Provides core fitness and flexibility training.  Ideal for most women and seniors looking to improve their balance and tempo.


-  44" in total length

-  Approximately 41" actual length (Men's mid-iron/Ladies driver)

-  Total weight is 1.65 lbs.

Reference #B9F16-006B

Small Size - Hickory Trainer

Designed for juniors aged 7 - 12 y.o. while adults may notice benefits to their short game.  This model has more flexible shaft than "The Original" trainer or Golden Trainer.  Adults are cautioned when swinging this version as aggressive and/or over-swinging may damage the club or cause injury.  great for proprioceptive training and balance drills due to more flexible shaft.


- 38" in total length

-  Approximately 36" actual swing length (Equals short iron and wedge)

Reference #B9F16-006C