Multi-purpose - Full Length



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Multi-purpose - Full Length


For more than 20 years the patented Arch Activation System, and it's biofeedback principles, has been successfully used in athletic and clinical settings.

The Barefoot Science Foot Strengthening System™ is not an instant fix, but with consistent use, works like an exercise program to quickly and safely restore healthy foot function while optimizing comfort and performance. As your foot continues to strengthen you switch out to a firmer insert continually strengthening your arch until you reach the fifth level.

Multi-purpose - Full Length

This version has been designed with extramaterial around the toe area for trimming and is appropriate for shoes that feature a removable insole, such as most athletic, recreational and some golf shoes.

Typically, the generic insole that comes with these types of shoe is slightly contoured and may interfere with how flat the Barefoot Science System is able to rest in the shoe, so it must be removed. After removing the generic insole, trim the Barefoot Science insole according to the Instructions and place it in the shoe, making sure it lies flat and flush against the ends and sides of the interior of the shoe.

Sizing Chart

XX Small - Childs (1-3) X Small - L(5-7.5) Small - L(8-9.5) M(6-7.5) Medium - L(10-11.5) M(8-9.5) Large - M(10-11.5) X Large - M(12-14)

This package includes:

(1) Set of Multi-purpose - Full Length (your choice of size)

(5) Progressive Strengthening Inserts

Reference #B9FBS-001