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Hard Style™ Golf Conditioning with Terrence Thomas


By Terrance Thomas

Expert Fitness Solutions (2006) - Book and DVD Set - ISBN 1424304363

Terrence Thomas, Golf Biomechanic and Kettlebell Instructor uses his no fluff, direct teaching style to teach the fundamentals of flexibility, dynamic mobility, balance, strength and power ALL with the use of the powerful Russian Kettlebell.

Benefits of the Kettlebell:

-  Promotes wrist strength

-  Activates the deep stabilizers to offset kettlebell position

-  Allows golfers to apply and absorb forces

-  Fix nagging injuries that have been sabotaging your performance

-  Loosen up the hips

-  Build a balanced swing

- Learn how to create a powerful ''whip-like'' hip action

The numbers speak for themselves:

-  Over 200 illustrations

-  More than 12 training routines 4 phases of golf conditioning

-  40 golf-specific drills

-  2 major training schedules

Included with this Purchase:

(1) Hardstyle™ Golf Paperback Book

(1) Hardstyle™ Golf DVD - Kettlebell Drills for a relentless Power Game

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