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Golf Charts


The golf chart series is ideal for fitness centers, rehab clinics, locker rooms as well as the driving range. Features laminated finish offering an attractive, colorful and informative learning tool.

Designed in conjunction with Paul Calloway, past director of Physical Therapy on the PGA Tour 1984-87 and Betsy Voyles specialist in spine care, two top american physical therapists specializing in golf injuries.

Products Available:

Stretch Golf

Stretch for Better Golf Prepares you to hit that first good tee shot.  These simple stretches can help prevent stiffness while preventing injury.  Easy to use and follow.

If you don't use it, you lose it - so stretch for better golf!

Reference #B9F18-004A

Muscle Golf

Understand muscle anatomy as it relates to the swing!  The muscle chart shows you how the muscles work during the golf swing.  Features anatomical pictures of the body at work during each phase of the golf swing.

Reference #B9F18-004B