Mini Hard Balls and Sleeve Kit



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T-spine Roller System


These high density structures are great for targeting tight muscles as well as reducing pressure and tension for extra stubborn muscle area.  

The ulitmate tool to target one of the most important areas in golf, the thoracic spine.  Your thoracic spine or mid-back needs mobility in the game of golf.  This mobility will help allow the golfer to maintain posture during your golf swing therefore helping with performance and consistency.  

Three different level densities allows the individual to self mobilize at there own pace.

You can combine two same size balls with sleeve for larger muscle area.  Comes as a complete kit for ultimate performance!

Included in this Package:

(2) 2”, Purple - Firm 

(2) 2.5”, Pink - Medium

(2) 3”, Blue - Soft 

(1) Sleeve for 2”

(1) Sleeve for 2.5”

(1) Sleeve for 3” 

Reference #B9F11-009

Price: $32.95