The Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager Family



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The Tiger Tail Rolling Muscle Massager Family


Unique, high quality deep tissue and trigger point massage tool. Covered with a single firm closed-cell foam rolling surface this tool is designed to help relieve tightness and increase flexibility.  

The ultimate self massaging tool!

Benefits Include:

-  Loosen, relax and soothe sore muscles

-  Help increase blood flow to massaged areas

-  Portable and convenient

-  Great accessory for manual therapists

-  Perfect prescription for the home user

Products Available:

18" Tiger Tail

Reference #B9F11-004A

22" Tiger Tail

Reference #B9F11-004B

11" Tiger Tail Go-Pro

Reference #B9F11-004C

7" Tiger Tail To-Go

Reference #B9F11-004D

Massage-on-a Rope

Reference #B9F11-004E

Knotty Tiger

Reference #B9F11-004F