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Performance Golf Kit


Hands free, travel-friendly set of tools that utilizes your own body weight to apply pressure to "key" golf-specific muscles.

The Golf Performance Kit provides the tools and education to improve range-of-motion for the 8 areas of the body that influence a golfer's biomechanics resulting in pain reduction and performance enhancement.

Portable and effective. The ideal travel companion for today's professional golfer.

Included in this Package:

(1)  Footballer and Baller Block - The Baller Block elevates the foot and lower leg to allow the foot to relax, so the Footballer can be used to massage the muscles in the calf and soleus regions.

(2) Massage Balls - The revolutionary double ball exercise massages many muscles in the lower leg for symptomatic relief of aches and pains.

(1) Quadballer - This hands-free product utilizes your body's weight to apply pressure to the glutes, quads, IT Band and many other regions of the body.

(1) TP2 Ball Sleeve -  Houses TP Massage Balls next to one another in a peanut shape, reaching either side of the spine, upper back and other targeted areas with a controlled and even movement.

(1) Performance Therapy for Golf Booklet - Provides education necessary for optimal biomechanics of 8 performance enhancement points for the golfer.

Reference #B9F11-007A

Price: $149.95