Manual: Clinical Application for Chronic Soft Tissue Pain



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Manual: Clinical Application for Chronic Tissue Pain and Dysfunction


Soft tissue pain does not automatically indicate that an inflammatory condition is present.  When pain persists beyond the inflammatory stage and becomes chronic common approaches including NSAIDS, steroid injection, rest, ice, compression and elevation are often ineffective.

The cause of pain in this case is no longer inflammation but deprivation of oxygen and nutrients.  This important concept is explored with regard to treating common soft tissue problems with Gua Sha to restore circulatory function, flexibility and eliminate chronic soft tissue pain.

This 100 page treatment guide to Gua Sha Orthopedic Soft Tissue Tools provides theory, techniques and case studies for addressing specific soft tissue dysfunction, injury and diagnosis.  Let this 100 page manual help improve the effectiveness of clinical treatment including many common soft tissue injuries via the application of Gua Sha.  

This manual is printed conveniently on 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" pages making it convenient and portable.

Included in This Package:

(1) Manual:  Clinical Application for Chronic Soft Tissue Pain

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