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Gua Sha Orthopedic - GOST 3


These type of instruments have a long history in traditional Chinese Medicine.  This unique technique involves applying an edged tool to the skin enabling the clinician to treat soft tissue pain and swelling whenever it occurs on the body as well as applications designed to enhance muscle recovery after sport.  

The Orthopedic Gua Sha instruments are hand finished and made of durable materials assuring high quality.  Most important these instruments offer a cost effective option to the modern high cost alternative instruments now available in the healthcare industry.

The newest addition to the Gua Sha Orthopedic product line.  The GOST - 3 is perfect for large body contours of the lower extremity and back.  Features include a rounded edge for deep tissue work and a textured surface to improve grasp.  

Included in this Package:

(1) Gua Sha Orthopedic - GOST - 3

Reference #B9F17-003C

Price: $39.95