Active Isolated Strengthening: The Mattes Method



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Active Isolated Strengthening: The Mattes Method


Written by Aaron Mattes

Once an athlete obtains full range-of-motion with the Active Isolated Stretching Method they now need to look at stability and strength of the joints through this full range. The techniques and protocols outlined in this manual when specifically appplied to the body will create a complete performance program.

This manual is an essential tool for anyone coming off injury where local conditioning is needed.

Benefits Include:

-  Assist in overcoming weakness

-  Minimize postural problems

-  Improve local joint stamina

-  Reduce pain


-  Specific strength protocols that support the stretching sequence

-  Divided into specific protocols or areas of the body.

-  Each exercise includes an individual drawing designed to enhance technique

-  Enables one to practice the movements without a room of expensive equipment.


-  4-color manual

-  Brand "new" techniques

-  128-pages

-  The next step in the Mattes Method!

Included in this Package:

(1) Active Isolated Strengthening: The Mattes Method - Book

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