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FMT™ Tubing


Functional Movement Training is used to restore functional stability and enhance motor learning.

Easily attach to doorframe. Each product comes with ergonomic grip handles allowing ease of use.

The FMT™ tubing can be comfortably wrapped around the trunk and/or waist to resist or accelerate any functional movement.

Each band is 5 feet long and available in 6 different resistance levels!

Included with this Purchase:

(1) FMT™ with Choice of Cable 

Resistance Levels:

FMT™ with R2 Cable - Purple

Reference #B9F13-001A

FMT™ with R3 Cable - Pink

Reference #B9F13-001B

FMT™ with R4 Cable - Magenta

Reference #B9F13-001C

FMT™ with R5 Cable - Orange

Reference #B9F13-001D

FMT™ with R6 Cable - Red

Reference #B9F13-001E

FMT™ with R7 Cable - Yellow

Reference #B9F13-001F

· FMT R3 - Pink
· FMT R5 - Orange
· FMT R6 - Red
· FMT R7 -Yellow